Get Payment Gateway API Keys

Paypal API Key

Paypal API Key


Stepwise Guide to Obtaining Paypal API Keys:


Step 1: Access the PayPal Developer Platform


  • Go to the PayPal Developer website.

  • Log in with your PayPal Business account credentials.



Step 2: Create a REST API App


  • In the PayPal Developer Dashboard, navigate to the " Apps & Credentials" section.

  • New accounts come with a Default Application in the REST API apps section. To create a new project, select Create App.





Step 3: Provide App Details


  • Enter a name for your app in the "App Name" field.

  • Select the sandbox developer account .

  • Click on the "Create App" button





Step 4:Obtain the API Credentials


  • Once the app is created, you'll be redirected to the API credential page.





  • On this page  you'll find your "Client ID" and "Secret." These are your API credentials. copy this.

  • Use the obtained API credentials in your application's code to integrate with the PayPal API.