ServePHP is the SaaS application for creating, provisioning and managing server and Website/Applications. It helps in performing many important tasks like Attaching Domains, Applications, Cron Jobs, Firewall Rules, Auto Deployments and lot more without writing single line in Terminal, these tasks are just a click away using simple interface. 

Many Advance features like Auto Deployments using Git Push requests, these deployment can be configured conditionally to avoid unnecessary commands executions. 


Features at a glance


  • ServePHP will provision your server with required software like Nginx, PHP, MySQL.

  • Using a ServePHP interface you can create a site, can connect git repository from service like Bitbucket.

  • You can also configure deployment scripts, which can be executed conditionally based on git push.

  • You can perform many operations on server like Restarting Server, PHP, MySQL as well as adding Firewall Rules, Cron Jobs and Many more

  • You can also edit PHP configuration file using an interface and can manage files manually which may be ignored in a git system like .env file.

  • ServePHP have Auto deployment feature for git repository which triggers the deployment process when user pushes a code to repository services like Bitbucket. While there is default deployment script which generally pull the repository content, you can add your own Bash script logic & commands to the script like composer, gulp tasks executions etc.

  • You can also create many scripts to execute default or conditionally based on the message contained in your git commit, like if you have created a script having a condition if message having the word “#composer” in a repository commit message then execute the “composer update” command unless it won’t required.

  • Once you create an Account at ServePHP as per your subscription plan you can create & manage your server, sites etc.

  • You can create a server by adding provider connections like DigitalOcean or can provision custom VPS or Can connect your existing Ubuntu 18.04 server having Nginx, PHP & MySQL installed so you can further manage it from ServePHP interface.

  • So, such all features are described step by step under following separate articles.

  • Also to view all features in details visit at