Get Social Login API Keys

Google API Key

Google API Key

Google App Set-up Steps :

To grab Google Client ID and Secret follow the below steps


Step 1: Create a Project in Google Cloud Console



  • Select "New Project.


  • Enter a name for your project and click "Create."

Once the project is created system will take you to the project page.


Step 2: Configure Credentials


  • In the Google Cloud Console, select APIs and services from the sidebar
  • Click on the credentials option


  • Click on create credential btn,select the oAuth client ID option from dropdown.


Step 3: Set Up Consent Screen (for OAuth)


If you are using OAuth, configure the consent screen by providing necessary information about your application.



Add the required type  for accessing user data.

  • Select the user type consert screen and click on create btn.


  • Fill the required creadential on edit app registration and enter your app name enter user support email and add your authorized domain.


  • Click the Save and Continue button until the oauth consent screen will appere then click on back to dashboard btn.


  • Now click on Publish App and give confirmation for publish your app.



Step 4: Configure OAuth Consent Screen



  • Click on create credential and ,select the OAUTH CLIENT ID option from dropdown.


  • Select  web application type from dropdown. 


  • Add authorized redirect URIs for your on create btn.


  • Now your client id and secret key will be generated successfully.


Copy IDs and use it in project social logins details.