Get Social Login API Keys



Facebook App Set-up Steps

To grab Facebook App ID  and Secret follow the below steps


Step 1: Create a Facebook Developer Account


  • Go to Facebook Developer. and log in to your account.
  • Log in with your Facebook credentials. If you don't have a Developer account, you may need to create one.





Step 2: Create a New App


Once logged in, you will redirected to developers dashboard.

  • Click on the "My Apps" dropdown in the top right corner and Click "Create App.




After clicking create app this window will appeare. 

  • Select the OTHER radio button.
  • Click on Next button.





  • Select your app type from here and click NEXT.




  •  Enter your app name as project name and click Create App. now, your app will be created.




Step 3: Add a Platform


  • After app creation you will be redirected to Add  product to your app page.
  • Now select Facebook Login.




  • select the WEB platform for your app.




  • Enter your project URL, Click on Save button and Continue.




  • Click the Next button until the Next button appears.




Step 4: Configure Basic Settings


  • From side menu bar Click on facebook login and select setting.
  • The setting page will open.
  • Enter your project Redirect URL , Click on the save the changes button.




  • Now open App Setting from side bar menu , select the BASIC setting.




  • Fill in the required information, including the App Domain and Privacy Policy URL, and click on SAVE CHANGES.



  • Now click on App MODE and make it LIVE.





Step 5 : Obtain App ID and App Secret


  • Copy app id and app secret from here

  • To get the "App Secret," click on "Show" next to the App Secret. You may need to enter your Facebook password to confirm.